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World renowned pilates instructors

Teacher Trainer at True Pilates East, New York

Jerome Weinberg

Jerome Weinberg is a teacher trainer based at True Pilates East in New York City. Certified in 1998 under Romana Kryzanowska, at her request traveled the world with her assisting and demonstrating at her workshops and seminars for 5 years. Jerome currently travels the world teaching workshops, seminars, and presents at conventions. He can be seen performing on Romana's Legacy DVDS. His background includes martial arts, dance, gymnastics, fitness and personal trainer, yoga, and music.

Classical Pilates Teacher Trainer, Greenwich, Connecticut

MeJo Wiggin

MeJo Wiggin began her Pilates' studies with Master Teacher Romana Kryzanowska, in 1990, and started teaching next to her, in 1995, at Drago’s Gym, in NYC. Certified in 1996, MeJo soon opened her first fully equipped Pilates studio in Greenwich, CT and began collecting students, including celebrities, professional athletes and several dance companies. With great success, she quickly gained recognition from doctors. In 2003, she got the Level III of Teacher Trainer for Romanas’ new school - Romana’s Pilates®. Since then, MeJo has been sought after for her captivating seminars throughout the US, Europe, South America and Asia. MeJo has been training students to become apprentices and administered their practical exams throughout their certification. MeJo is featured in over five DVD’s of the Romana's series and she also produced her own videos. Today, MeJo is a strong advocate and example of the Classical Pilates Method and she helps teachers from all backrounds to better understand and apply the benefits of the Classical Pilates Method.